Times have changed, and the way we look at information and data is evolving at a staggering pace. 

Now more than ever industrial controls and automation systems along with data collection and processing

has taken a huge step forward. The IOT (Internet Of Things) has allowed companies to inner-connect

to their equipment in ways never thought possible.  Along with the ability to now communicate with

the very devices that keep your business going.  Allowing for new control and communication platforms

to be developed. Creating endless possibilities.

Companies big and small rely on data collection to improve efficiency in production and detect trends 

in daily equipment and personal operations. This data can also be used to detect trends in equipment

failures and predictive maintenance.   For decades, factories, buildings, and now homes and even vehicles

are computerized and now have data collection systems on board.  There are many different

options to retrieving information from these systems.  There are also many options of what to do with that

information.  A company could set up servers internally, make the physical connections to these devices and

absorb the overhead that goes with it.  One could rent server (cloud) space with any of the big billion dollar

conglomerates and the privacy issues that go with them.  Our private industrial data center is the most cost

effective solution out there.  We physically house and maintain our servers in our facility in Indianapolis

Indiana.  We have built our system internally, from scratch with your facilities data security in mind. 

We literally collect tens of thousands of data points daily.  This data is gathered and reported back to our

customers, tailored to their needs. 

Get up to the minute statistics on your process, machine, or entire factory with a few clicks of a mouse

through our secure, private web interface.  Get emailed reports of your process at your discretion in Dream

Reports. Our Industrial Data Center can tolerate network outages from a facility as long as 48 hours without a

loss of data.  We’ve proven to our customers time and time again. We’ve mastered this before it became its

own industry. Let us prove it to you.

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